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Ruby gems error: "Could not find a valid gem 'redcarpet' (= 0) in any repository ERROR: Possible alternatives: redcarpet"

Our company has moved, and we got a spectacular proxy installed at the new place, causing some chaos. Not only I had to reconfigure my Windows, I spent 2 hours to figure out how to use that proxy from a VirtualBoxed Debian. I had to supply my username and password on a command line to 'curl' or 'wget', that's for security. Setting system-wide proxy in $HTTP_PROXY env variable, also with my user/pass.

My first 'gem install' failed as it did not use the proxy. Configured it with the --http-proxy argument, it finally worked well.

Then I got home, no proxies, no whatever, just working network. A 'gem update' and a 'gem update --system' ran without error, but the next 'gem install'-s failed with a magic error:

> gem install redcarpet
WARNING:  Error fetching data: SocketError: getaddrinfo: Name or service
not known (
ERROR:  Could not find a valid gem 'redcarpet' (>= 0) in any repository
ERROR:  Possible alternatives: redcarpet

WTH? Gem install fails for a gem and immediately suggests the same gem?

Checked for proxy, none. Environment variable, none, there was no proxy set anywhere. Then I accidentally checkhed the 'gem install' doc:

-p, --[no-]http-proxy [URL]      Use HTTP proxy for remote operations

Err, why would it have a [no] prefix? If I don't want to use a proxy, I simply don't set it, right? Not right. Gem install remembers that I was using a proxy and tries to use it in subsequent requests.

Setting --no-http-proxy solved the problem.

Lesson learned: 'gem install' remembers if it was once run with --http-proxy parameter. Subsequent 'gem install' will use the same proxy regardless its availability.

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All the "fuck"s in Linux kernel

Let's have some fun and grep the linux source code (linux-3.0.y) for bad words :-)

$grep -i -r -B 2 -A 2 fuck *


drivers/ide/cmd640.c- *  of IDE interfaces using the CMD Technologies 0640 IDE interface chip.
drivers/ide/cmd640.c- *
drivers/ide/cmd640.c: *  These chips are basically fucked by design, and getting this driver
drivers/ide/cmd640.c- *  to work on every motherboard design that uses this screwed chip seems
drivers/ide/cmd640.c- *  bloody well impossible.  However, we're still trying.


lib/vsprintf.c-/* vsprintf.c -- Lars Wirzenius & Linus Torvalds. */
lib/vsprintf.c: * Wirzenius wrote this portably, Torvalds fucked it up :-)
lib/vsprintf.c- */

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